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President's Message

The face of addiction has changed with an estimated 22.1 million people with substance use disorders. Drug and alcohol abuse does not discriminate. The new synthetic drugs and the opioid epidemic have created more high-functioning addicts, able to sustain employment while maintaining an appearance of false sobriety. Although addiction and recovery touches the lives of everyone, the stigma remains. People need help but are afraid to speak up, to ask for help, to admit their addictions. Since I joined the Cenikor foundation over 13 years ago, I have heard many negative comments about addicts. I have seen people hide their addictions. I have seen families destroyed by denial or by death. I have also seen people succeed. I have seen people rebuild. I have seen them find the will to live again. This is where treatment is game-changing. By offering a safe place for people to seek help, Cenikor saves lives.

We have launched new locations, new programs, and have enhanced our treatment modalities to meet the evolving demand for treatment. Our 60-bed Austin facility launched in August 2016, offering detoxification and short-stay treatment program for adults. As one of only a handful of detox providers in the area, we are proud to provide a local solution. We launched our 32-bed Tyler facility in September 2015, which provides short-term inpatient, detoxification services, and ambulatory detox. In the past year, we served over 400 clients in the Tyler facility. Our newest program model in Waco, Sober Living, provides a safe, supportive environment for those in recovery ready to reintegrate into their communities. It offers an intermediate phase between the controlled environment of treatment and the challenges of the real world. The world of recovery is changing and we must evolve so we can continue to make a difference.

Finances can be a big barrier to treatment. With support of the State of Texas, we provide State funding for underprivileged or indigent clients. With State funding, multiple payment sources, and scalable rates, we strive to eliminate financial barriers to treatment. Access can also be a barrier to recovery with little options for treatment in rural locations. To break down those walls, we launched multiple satellite outpatient locations working with local parole, probation, and school systems to provide quality clinical care in these communities. With strategic focus, Cenikor looks to continuously improve and evolve.

With the support and guidance of Cenikor’s Executive Leadership and our National Board of Directors, we recently launched a new three-year strategic plan. Our Strategic Plan directs our staff’s coordinated action toward purposeful projects, while maximizing efficiency, and ensuring benchmarks are in place for accountability. It is the difference between being reactive or proactive. Each location impacts our mission. Each department shapes our operations. Each person has a vested interest in our financial viability. With a plan, we make better decisions. We see measurable results. We all work together to ensure that people in need will have a place to turn for many years to come.

We could not do all we do without the generosity of our various donors. Your donations help children, women, and men to confront their addictions and take control of their lives. We launched our Austin program. We opened new Sober Living Houses for men and women. We constructed a new women’s only wing in Deer Park. The safe, supportive female-only environment is beneficial for women battling addictions. We built a recreation area for our adolescent clients (see our Annual Report to learn more) at Odyssey House. We are expanding our short-stay program in Houston. We did all this and more, and we proudly served over 5,500 clients this year alone.

The burden is on us to answer the call for help. Each of us is asked to show kindness to those who are struggling. It is our mission to offer a supportive environment to help people in the recovery process. To those who helped us make a difference, we thank you.  

Bill Bailey – President & CEO

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