Admission Questions
Q: How do I start the admission process?

Admissions FormA: Please submit a completed admissions form by clicking the button to the right . If you'd rather provide the information over the phone, call 888-CENIKOR, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and a representative will assist you. During the call the representative will gather pertinent information and a recommendation will be made for the needed level of treatment (detox, short-term inpatient, long-term inpatient or outpatient programs). Admission will be made as soon as possible.

Q: Where are your programs located?

A: Cenikor has long-term inpatient treatment facilities in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Houston, Texas; and Fort Worth, Texas. Our detoxification and short-term inpatient facility is located in Waco, Texas. An adolescent inpatient facility called Odyssey House is located in Houston, Texas. Outpatient services are located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Waco, Texas; Killeen, Texas; and Temple, Texas.

Q: How much will treatment cost?

A: Treatment at one of Cenikor Foundation’s facilities is a highly personal experience, with associated costs depending upon a number of issues, including the specific nature of your problem being treated, the amount of time you will need to remain in treatment, and the presence of any co-occurring disorders. Our intake advisors will decide the best treatment for the individual and develop an accurate picture of what your treatment will cost. Treatment rates are reasonable and are based on a sliding scale.

Q: What are the requirements in order to be admitted?

A: Requirements for admission to our facilities, other than Odyssey House Adolescent Facility, are:
• at least 18 years old;
• able to fully participate in the treatment program activities, both physically and mentally; and express a sincere commitment to gaining recovery from addiction.
• No violent offenses such as arson or assault, and no conviction of a sexual related offense.

To view and fill out an Admissions Request Form, please click on the button at the top right of this page.
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