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Ambulatory Detoxification

detoxCenikor’s medically-supported Ambulatory Detoxification outpatient services are available for individuals experiencing minimal withdrawal symptoms from opioids. This is a critical period in the treatment process, and it is important that medical intervention and support is provided to assure patient safety and comfort during this time. Ambulatory Detox clients are provided with a physical exam; supervised care overseen by a licensed medical director; an individualized treatment plan; medication to assist with withdrawal symptoms; counseling with licensed substance abuse therapist; orientation to AA/NA support groups; discharge planning and referral during flexible evening hours.


Inpatient Detoxification

Cenikor’s Inpatient Detoxification Program provides medically supported detoxification and stabilization for adult clients going through the active withdrawal symptoms associated with a recent substance use disorder. This is a critical period in the treatment process and professional assistance is especially important. Medical support, including individualized medication protocols, is provided around the clock along with individual counseling.


Detox Admissions Info


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