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Adult Long-Term Inpatient Treatment

longtermCenikor’s Adult Long-Term Inpatient Treatment programs are designed for people who are physically ready, mentally capable and willing to participate in all aspects of the recovery program, including education and workforce development. Our therapeutic community model uses peer influence and clinical counseling to help clients change the attitudes, behaviors and perceptions associated with substance abuse disorders.


When a client graduates from Cenikor’s Adult Long-Term Inpatient Treatment programs, they will have:

  • Financial Stability – Clients will learn how to manage their money in a checking and savings account. They are required to have money saved up and set aside before they are eligible to graduate.
  • Employment – Cenikor will assist clients with finding a job suited to their talent and skills.
  • Aftercare Support System – Cenikor will assist clients with finding a support system such as Alcoholics Anonymous, before the client leaves the program.
  • Housing – Cenikor will assist clients with finding a suitable place to live before graduating from the program.
  • Transportation – Cenikor will assist in helping the clients make the best decisions for transportation. Whether, it be buying a car or helping the clients find a place to live close to work.
  • Social Skills – Cenikor will assist the clients with developing new positive relationships with friends and family.

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