Workforce Development
The Workforce Development Team is comprised of professionals that will provide quality outcome-driven and quantifiable employment services to Cenikor clients.

Our purpose is to prepare and assist Cenikor clients with developing both soft and hard skills in order to become responsible citizens free of substance abuse. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), employment by its very nature helps integrate individuals in society and acknowledges their ability to contribute. The income produced from steady employment enables people to improve their living situations reducing exposure to violence and the stressors that may adversely affect behavioral health.


Workforce Development Highlights

  • Assessment - Assessments to determine the employability and job retention needs of all clients, including career development and adult education needs are ongoing to provide a high-level of services to our clients. (All facilites)
  • Employment Planning - Each client completes an Individualized Employment Plan to identify realistic employment goals and the sequence of services and/or activities needed to achieve the employment goals. (Long-term and Adolescent facilites)
  • Employment Services & Activities - We work with clients to eliminate barriers to employment and help clients obtain their employment goals. These are done through short-term training opportunities and seeking employment and opportunities in high demand industry occupations. (Long-term and Adolescent facilites)
  • Job Readiness - Includes developing Life Skills; guidance and motivation for development of positive work behaviors; job skills assessment; presentation skills and mock interviews; assistance with applications, resumes and job search strategies. (All facilites)
  • Job Search - Based on the job readiness level of each client, job search activities can be self-directed or staff-assisted, which may include: seeking and obtaining information on available jobs, attending job fairs, contacting job referrals, applying or interviewing for job vacancies, and contacting potential employers. (All facilites)
  • Training - We facilitate opportunities for clients to receive post-secondary education and training through partnerships with local community colleges and NCCER training providers in order to prepare clients with obtaining skills and credentials required to succeed in today's workplace. (Long-term facilities)
  • Educational Services - Clients receive educational services that will directly relate to successful employment. Some of the services provided include GED credentialing, workforce competency skills training, financial literacy courses, Microsoft Office computer classes and a Skills Enrichment/Bridge Program (Reading, Math, Language Arts). (All facilites)



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