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AVP, Clinical Services Dr. Lisa Ghiloni, PhD, PMHNP-BC

Lisa Ghiloni, PhD, PMHNP-BC - Assistant Vice President, Clinical Services

Dr. Lisa Ghiloni serves as Assistant Vice President of Clinical Services for Cenikor Foundation.

Dr. Ghiloni is an accomplished Senior Executive and Advisory Board Member with a distinguished career spanning more than 30 years across multiple industries including healthcare, education, startups, recruitment, and higher education. Her expertise lies in communication strategies tailored for consulting firms, making her an invaluable resource for organizations in education, healthcare, startups, and group practices of all sizes.

Dr. Ghiloni’s extensive leadership experience encompasses organizational leadership, executive coaching, and psychiatric mental health services. She has served in key roles at Corporate Executive Consulting, Education Future Groups LLC, Sim Solutions, V&V Management, and Chamberlain University. Clinically, Dr. Ghiloni is a respected provider and the founder of Turning Point Psychiatry, where she dedicated her time to treating severe brain-based illnesses such as bipolar disorder, psychosis, and substance use disorders. Notably, she pioneered a highly successful outpatient Medication-Assisted Treatment program, underscoring her commitment to innovative and effective healthcare solutions.