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Top 10 Reasons to Work with Us

   • We provide a drug-free workforce.

   • We provide a motivated workforce.

   • We provide a 24-hr cycle workforce.

   • We provide reliable transportation.

   • We provide employability assessments.

   • We provide professional skills training.

   • We provide personal skills development.

   • We provide Worker’s Compensation.

   • We provide one point of contact.

   • We provide cost-effective personnel solutions to
      drive your business.   

By partnering with our Vocational Services Program, Business Partners like you help transform lives. Meaningful work opportunities are essential for men and women who are building a new future.  Our Vocational Services Program can help you turn your retention rates around. We provide quality workers, eager for employment and we supply them with work readiness training which improves retention and mitigates down time. We can also expand or contract your services based on market demand.

Steve Leaman, President of Leaman Containers said, “having Cenikor workers here, as opposed to everyday temporary workers, has had the added reward of being able to help develop the strength, character, and a sense of self-worth for someone who really needs and wants it. And it gets better when we’re fortunate enough to hire them for a permanent position and see them grow even further!”

Our Vocational Services leverage the efforts of our Workforce Development Program to the benefit of our vocational partners and the communities we are so proud to serve. Cenikor’s structured program screens our clients with quality employment assessments and provides required classes in job safety, life skills, conflict resolution, team work, customer service, professional expectations and more.  Cenikor’s programs are not merely focused on making sure clients are clean and sober.  We offer the support and guidance for our clients to maintain long-term recovery and develop marketable career skills that help them be responsible, employable citizens free from substance abuse.

“In other rehab programs, you leave as you came – no job, no opportunity. I’ll leave Cenikor with a career, a place to live, transportation and a support system,” said one Cenikor client.

Through our Vocational Services Program, we partner with and provide quality labor for many businesses throughout Texas and Louisiana. Our Business Partners receive dependable workers who are substance-free, on-time, ready to work, cost-effective, motivated and driven to expand their responsibilities and better their lives. Cenikor provides our clients with Worker’s Compensation insurance, transportation to accommodate all shifts, career and life skills training. On any given day, up to 300 clients from Cenikor’s long-term inpatient facilities are working for over 100 business partners.

* There are tax incentives for companies that employ Cenikor graduates after graduation.

If you are interested in partnering with Cenikor to meet your employment demands, please contact us today.

Partner Endorsements

Please watch some video endorsements from a few of our Business Partners.

Our Vocational Services Program provides employees ranging from entry-level to highly-skilled workers in:
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