Funding Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment

Individuals and families dealing with substance abuse or other mental health issues are already under a great deal of stress. Once a decision is made to seek treatment, the next steps are finding an appropriate provider and finding the resources to pay for critical treatment. This can add a great deal of additional stress for the individual and family and sometimes prevent a person from seeking treatment altogether. Given Cenikor’s continuum of care and funding options, virtually anyone who comes to Cenikor in need of treatment will be able to find a way to access the care they need.

For persons with private insurance that will cover part or all of their treatment, our adolescent and adult short-term inpatient, detoxification, and outpatient programs accept many private insurance plans. If a client is covered by Medicaid, these Cenikor programs also accept many of the Medicaid plans currently operating in Texas and Louisiana. Cenikor has also partnered with American Healthcare Lending to assist clients with meeting any co-pays, deductibles or self pay. Useful information and links to individual provider websites are available at by selecting the Payment Options button on the main page.

Persons who do not have Insurance or Medicaid always have the option to pay for their treatment out-of-pocket. These clients may be able to get help through state funding available in Texas (Department of State Health Services –DSHS) and Louisiana (Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership – LBHP) that will cover the cost of short-term residential and outpatient treatment.

If none of these options fit for the individual, our long-term residential treatment programs are available for a one-time admission fee of only $450 for in-state residents (additional fees apply for non-residents). Detailed information about all of the Cenikor programs is available by clicking Services at the top of the main website page.

Cenikor has been known for a number of years as “A Place for Change”. This is true now more than ever. Given our variety of programs, locations, and funding options, almost anyone in our service areas that is truly sincere about changing themselves has the opportunity to break through any financial barriers to access and change their life for the better.

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