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Regional Medical Director Eric Ketcham, M.D.

Eric Ketcham MD, MBA, FACEP, FASAM, FAAEM, FACHE, is board certified in emergency medicine and addiction medicine.

Dr. Ketcham has been a leader in emergency medicine for many years. Since 2012, he has been at the forefront of developing effective administrative methods for reducing opioid administration and prescribing in the emergency departments (ED), as well as successfully initiating opioid addiction treatment in the ED.

He has worked to pass the “Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment” (MAT) Act (still in the US Congress), and provide expertise, including the financial impact analysis for the US Congressional Budget Office (US CBO) to facilitate passage of the Easy MAT Act in 2020. He has been interviewed for multiple media outlets, including NBC Universal (for CNBC), the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio (NPR), and multiple times for local and state-wide radio, television, and newspapers in New Mexico.

Dr. Ketcham joined Cenikor in the fall of 2021, and is excited to be providing medical direction to the Farmington program.