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Cenikor’s broad spectrum of care provides a wide range of options, including our Recovery Housing program. Individuals flow through a customized, full-service recovery path that works best for their situation. Some may start in a detox program then transition to short-term care or outpatient care. Others may benefit from Recovery Housing with its longer-term, peer-supported environment.

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Whether it’s alcohol and drug treatment or other behavioral health issues, our programs treat each person’s individual needs.

You have your own unique path to recovery and circumstances to overcome. One person may need to participate in our residential treatment program to reclaim control of their sobriety in a structured community. Another may continue their daily home life with convenient care from our outpatient program. We offer a full range of care to meet people at every stage of their recovery.

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We want to assure you that your communication with us is always private and confidential. We will not share your information.