Group Counseling

Youth Treatment Programs

Substance abuse and behavioral health issues are difficult to manage for any individual, but they can be particularly destructive for adolescents and their families. We’ve developed strategic and clinically focused treatment plans for adolescents from 13-17 years old. Our staff are credentialed and trained to help young people get on a healthy road to recovery, and to help them develop the skills to continue their sobriety into adulthood.

In more than 55 years of service, we’ve seen the difference a comprehensive, quality treatment program can make in the life of a young person. Our goal is to provide treatment options that help support healthy, sober lifestyles and healthy families.

Cenikor provides comprehensive services for adolescents, including screening, assessment, early intervention, issue-specific programs, individual therapy, recovery after-care services and more. Programs are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of adolescents. We help teens improve their quality of life through sobriety, and we partner with local independent school districts to provide on-site schooling for our resident clients.

Through our Prevention Services program, Cenikor provides age-appropriate and evidence-based curriculum to teach valuable life skills. This includes developing good self-esteem, resisting peer and media pressure and exploring drug-free activities.

Let us help your son, daughter, or family member take the first step toward sobriety.