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Cenikor's Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Here at Cenikor Foundation, we provide a variety of service and treatment options for both adolescents and adults. Cenikor proudly offers evidenced-based treatment and accredited programming, within a credentialed infrastructure, with the support of licensed clinical staff to support men, women and adolescents on their individual path to recovery. With our continuum of care, clients have the opportunity to seek the program that best suits their immediate needs and to move into other programs as their need changes. Some clients will be best suited for our short-term programs and can reclaim their lives and their sobriety in the structured residential community. Some clients need the work-life balance provided by our outpatient facilities where convenient care can be added to your daily life without disruption. Some clients start out in our detox programs and transition to short-term care or to outpatient care depending on their needs. We are dedicated to finding the right level of care for our individual clients path to sobriety.

Detox Services

Cenikor’s Detox Programs provides medically assisted acute-care detox and stabilization for adult clients going through the active withdrawal symptoms associated with recent substance abuse.

Adult Short Term Residential

Cenikor’s Adult Short-Term Inpatient Treatment programs provide non-emergency care and treatment for people with substance abuse and related behavioral health disorders.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services programs provide mental health and recovery services to adults and adolescents.

Adolescent Treatment Services

Cenikor’s Adolescent Treatment programs provide treatment and education to adolescents age 13-17 whose lives have been impacted by substance abuse.

Prevention Services

We offer a variety of counseling opportunities for individuals facing a variety of mental health conditions or substance abuse through individual and/or group treatment.

Cenikor Workforce Development


Vocation is recognized by many experts as a critical step in the path to successful recovery. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA), employment by its very nature helps integrate individuals into society and acknowledges their ability to contribute. We recognize that hard work instills crucial confidence and teaches the lesson of pride through achievement. Cenikor’s Workforce Development Program empowers clients to take control of their own career development by providing the necessary knowledge, tools and resources to be competitive in today’s job market.

The Workforce Development Team is comprised of professionals that will provide quality, outcome-driven and quantifiable employment services to Cenikor clients. Our purpose is to prepare and assist Cenikor clients with developing both soft and hard skills in order to become responsible citizens free of substance use disorders. The income produced from steady employment enables people to improve their living situations reducing exposure to violence and the stressors that may adversely affect behavioral health.

Workforce Development Highlights:


   • Determine employability and retention capabilities
   • Develop individualized employment plans
   • Help eliminate barriers to employment
   • Provide guidance on life skills; positive work behaviors; job skills assessment; presentation skills; rehearsal interviews; application assistance; resume 
     development; and job search strategies
   • Develop individualized job search activities
   • Facilitate opportunities for post-secondary education and training
   • Provide educational services for successful employment

Workforce Development with Adolescents


All clients in the Adolescent program (13-17) attend career development groups on a weekly basis conducted by licensed professionals that use a variety of techniques to meet varying learning styles. Career development groups cover topics including setting short-term versus long-term career goals, work etiquette, ethics, appropriate dress, interviewing strategies with role playing activities, resume writing skills, educational opportunities, financial responsibility, as well as, money management principles. We understand that teaching adolescents the life skills needed to be successful adults will serve them for a lifetime, and aid them in their long-term recovery.

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