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ViAnne: MAT Program

While some may think of MAT, or Medication Assisted Treatment, as a fix for addiction, it is only a portion of the work that goes into recovery. It’s important to understand that there is no “one-step” treatment for this serious disease. At Cenikor, we’re here to help you put in the work to not only start this journey but to see it through with you throughout your life. Our client, ViAnne, has shared her experience with the many facets of care she received from Cenikor.

On June 7th of this year, I admitted myself into treatment for my addiction to alcohol and opiates at Cenikor’s Deer Park, TX location. It was not my first attempt at getting sober. Rather, my third. But it was the very first time that I had found a place that offered more than I had seen before. An alternative approach to not only intensive treatment but a chance to have something to take with me as I continue on my journey in what will be a lifelong road in recovery.  This “new to me” approach I was offered by the Cenikor Foundation is the MAT Program.  During my seven days in their detox unit, I was well informed, counseled by members of the MAT Team, carefully watched over and administered medication from the around-the-clock nursing staff and had several appointments with the resident physician. During my medical appointments, I was able to report any side effects, discuss the effectiveness of my personal medication regimen, inquire about possible increases, decreases and/or time intervals at which the Suboxone might be of more benefit to me as part of my plan of care. At each stage and with each individual staff member, I was given careful consideration, open and reciprocal communication and, most importantly, never made to feel as if I should be embarrassed or ashamed for participating in a medication assisted treatment program.

I continued on at Cenikor for another 30 days, participating in their residential program. Upon discharge, I met with staff of the MAT team to set up the next phase of my treatment plan as I was now going out into the world at large. I live in Beaumont, Texas, which is a 5-hour round trip to and from Deer Park. I was pleased to discover that I would be able to attend two-thirds of my medical appointments via tele-appointment with a downloadable application on my phone called VidyoConnect with every third appointment being at the Deer Park location. The MAT program offers both group and individual therapy sessions as well. I participate in the individual therapy sessions, which are offered through the Microsoft TEAMS application I have on my phone.  Both the innovation and convenience of these resources has been such a blessing for my overall recovery. For the first time in my life, I am able to utilize a variety of things to take a holistic approach on this journey to a better way of life. The MAT program, a sponsor, grandsponsor, step work, daily meetings and service work are all integral parts of my sobriety today. I don’t have to be distracted, depressed with cravings and/or withdrawals from my drug of choice anymore. I am extremely grateful to all of the staff members at Cenikor and the MAT program there. I credit them for continuing to be a huge part of my recovery today.

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