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Sharee: Cenikor MAT Program

Cenikor Foundation is a place for change, but more than that, it’s also a place for forgiveness, love, growth, and control. Throughout our many years caring for our community when they are at their lowest, we’ve seen the meaningful changes being made. More importantly though, our clients have seen and felt these changes. We’ve received testimonials from several clients that can give an insider’s glimpse into what kind of progress is achievable through our programs. This testimonial comes from our client Sharee T.

Hi, my name is Sharee, and I just wanted to give my testimony to let others know if they are out there struggling that there is hope! Just when I thought there wasn’t any hope for my future and that I was going to be stuck in the same rut forever, I made the decision to go to Cenikor, and they introduced me to the MAT program, which saved my life! I have been in the program for about 3 months, and since being in it, my cravings, that used to be so strong I could barely think, have stopped. And when I do still get the occasional craving, the tools I gained from Cenikor help me deal with the cravings in a healthy manner. For years, I would go through cycles of getting clean, but I would always end up back in that same low place, even though I had every intention of not using. Going through Cenikor and the MAT program, I have learned life skills. I’ve also been able to accept that I’m not just a drug addict, I am a mother, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, a grand-daughter, and so much more than what I was giving myself credit for. I would never have learned this without the program. I don’t have to worry about my next fix or how I’m going get it or worry about going to jail or rehab anymore. I live with peace, serenity, and hope. I now have a full-time job, and I am saving money to get my own place. I have good sober friends. I have a relationship with my children and my family, and I will forever be grateful to Cenikor and the MAT program for saving my life.

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