Treatment for Teens Helps Create Healthy Adults

Former First Lady of the United States Lady Bird Johnson once said “children are likely to live up to what you believe of them.” At Cenikor, we believe adolescents in treatment can be anyone they want to be. Their addiction does not dictate their future. Through sobriety, teens can change and meet their highest expectations.

Cenikor’s Adolescent Program – Odyssey House – offers inpatient substance abuse services for males and females age 13-17. Odyssey House is tailored to suit adolescents with addictions and their unique needs for recovery. Adolescence is a critical stage in body and brain development, which can be significantly stunted by substance abuse. Working with adolescents requires an understanding of the physical, mental and behavioral impacts of abuse. At Odyssey House, teens receive individual, family, and group counseling. “Through quality clinical care, adolescents in our program address the issues that led them to abuse drugs and alcohol, and find ways to cope and heal without returning to substance use” says Bill Bailey, President and CEO. Our counselors strive to rebuild trust with authority, build rapport, and address the challenges with confidence and care.

Challenges can be many for the teen user. Teens may come from environments with emotional, verbal or physical abuse at the hands of those adults who are supposed to offer protection and care. Adolescents often turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with hardships. Teens are largely dependent on their parents or caregivers for financial support, transportation, and other basic needs. Therefore improving familial connections is crucial for success.

Nick Vache, Senior Manager of Cenikor Temple and Killeen Outpatient Programs says “Cenikor Foundation takes a unique approach to adolescent treatment. We look to treat the family system, not just the adolescent because the best outcomes occur when the family is involved in the recovery process.”

Adolescent care is most successful with multidisciplinary treatment, integrating clinical and psychological care, with academics, socialization and recreation. Socialization support focuses on issues such as self-esteem, peer pressure, eating disorders, depression, self-harm and other psychological issues. Through therapy, education, wellness, recreation and clinical care, we help rebuild each adolescent with a solid foundation for long term sobriety and recovery.

Helping teens in need impacts their behavioral health today, their lives tomorrow, and their foreseeable future. If you know an adolescent in need, please contact us today.


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