Healing Hearts with Local Art

The healing process can often start by getting feelings out on paper. No matter what medium is used, the process of pouring out emotions through art in some form is cathartic and can mend a broken spirit. Cenikor, a national company with a local branch that provides drug and alcohol treatment services, has partnered with the San Marcos Arts League through the Project Awareness Intervention and Mobilization Program to host an art exhibit.

“Art can tell a story,” Carla Merritt, Cenikor youth prevention and youth recovery community director, said. “There is healing in being able to share that story.”

The second annual art show is coined Healing Hearts and will feature artists whose lives have been touched by addiction in some way. The opening reception will occur at 6 to 8 p.m. on Feb 2., and the exhibit will be up for the entire month of Feb.. Project Awareness Intervention and Mobilization Program Manager Peyton Siler said the artists involved are from the Hays County area as well as the surrounding areas and have a story to share.

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