Kelsie B: RSS Program

It never hurts to have someone in your corner. Especially if you’re just starting to learn how to do life sober.

Our recovery coaches start working with you during the first week of treatment and walk beside you for two years after your discharge. Our friend Kelsie shares how recovery support services (RSS) have helped her leave her old way of life behind.

I have had the pleasure of having Ms. Charyle for my RSS coach since October 9, 2023, when I arrived at Cenikor. I am 32 years old now and I have been an addict since I was 19. My DOC was fentanyl/opiates and cocaine.

This was my first time to actually receive help for my addiction. Before, I always tried to quit on my own and it was never successful obviously.

My recovery coach has always gone above and beyond with me in my recovery since day one until now. She was a huge support system for me in rehab and has made a huge impact on my recovery now as well. While at Cenikor, I always felt comfortable speaking with her. I was terrified of rehab and couldn’t even admit I had an addiction until weeks after being there.

Charlye modeled a great example of what recovery looks like. She never sugar-coated anything to me and she shared similar experiences with me as well. She is an awesome coach and she takes her job seriously. In the morning for our “feelings check” she would join us all and that is something she didn’t have to do. She does a lot of things she doesn’t have to do, but that’s what makes her so great at her job.

There were several times she would call me into her office and check in with me. When reaching the end of my stay at Cenikor, she helped me find a sober living home. I watched her not only help me but many other people at the same time. There were a few bumps in the road that could have changed the direction of my recovery, so she made sure that I got into a sober living.

Cenikor saved my life, and I was blessed to continue my sobriety at sober living. Even after leaving Cenikor, Charlye has still kept in touch with me and has been there for me anytime I have needed her.

My RSS coach is someone I know I can count on and is a huge reason why I’m four months sober now. For me, four months seemed impossible before and now I look back at my experience through everything and it’s people like her I had in my corner that helped me achieve this goal.

Today, I am in a totally different head space and I’m living a clean and sober life. I am healthy and achieving goals.

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