Devin B: RSS Program

Doing new things in early recovery doesn’t have to be scary, especially when you have a recovery coach to walk alongside you. Think of peer-based recovery support services (RSS) as a guide to mastering your new sober life.

They can help you with almost any question or problem. Because they, too, are in recovery and have either been there before or know someone who has. Their experience can benefit you.

Here’s how our friend Devin’s recovery coach helped set him up for success.

If someone told you that your chances of success were better if you participated in a free service benefitting that very same thing you wanted to be successful at, would you do it? I would and did.

The odds of staying sober with an RSS coach were a no-brainer for me. As I got to know my coach and participated in my recovery outside of Cenikor, I soon realized the importance.

It’s easy staying sober in a facility, the real test was at home and in the community. Not being aware of all of the available resources is part of the reason, but anytime I had questions or concerns, the answer was only a phone call away.

Not being comfortable going to events or meetings alone was intimidating as well, but not when Charyle, RSS, met me there. My coach showed up to some big events for me. One was when I picked up my six-month chip; another was TXSCYPAA 42, where she introduced me to new friends in recovery.

One of my favorite things so far is the idea of helping me continue my morning meditation group over Zoom. Myself and others started meditating in the early morning hours at Cenikor and now continue to do so over the web. Charyle helped in getting it started and passing out flyers for others leaving Cenikor.

I consider my coach part of my accountability team and a big part of my support system. Certainly worth signing up!

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