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Congratulations on taking your first step in recovery by seeking help and support. Cenikor is ready and honored to help any individual seeking to overcome substance abuse. You are not alone in your struggle as nearly 27 million Americans are grappling with substance use disorders. Each day, Cenikor helps others like you to find the right treatment program to suit their needs, their recovery and their lives. We deliver state of the art treatment programs where adults and adolescents can come to address substance abuse and behavioral health problems in a safe and supportive environment. Licensed clinical and medical staff provide comprehensive services, including screening, assessment, early intervention, issue-specific classes, recovery, after-care services and more. We provide professional, responsible, and quality driven treatment options that help individuals get back to a happy, healthy, and productive lives.

At Cenikor, we understand your struggle as many members of our company staff are also in recovery. Cenikor’s peer-to-peer support and clinical counseling models help you change your attitude, behavior and perception associated with a substance use disorder. We help you deal with your substance use disorder and behavioral health issues and provide support for your family, your education and your career. Our purpose is to prepare you by developing both soft and hard skills in order to become a responsible citizen free of substance abuse.

Please take the next step in your recovery and contact us today.  You have already taken the most difficult step to seek support—now let Cenikor help you to achieve better health and a better life.

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