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Cenikor Corpus Christi (Formerly charlie's place)

Addiction is a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Cenikor (formerly Charlie’s Place Recovery Center) operates on the belief that a person can successfully maintain recovery when all three aspects of addiction have been healed. We use research and experience to design the best rehabilitation center possible. We know the power of compassion and understanding.

What We Treat

Alcohol Abuse

Until 2016, alcohol was the primary substance used by patients. It is the reason Charlie’s Place Recovery Center opened its doors in 1965. Nationwide, roughly 15 million people seek treatment for alcoholism. The prevalence of alcohol makes recovery from this addiction challenging, and at Charlie’s Place, we provide the education and tools you need to be successful.

Prescription Drug Abuse

A new age in prescription pain killers has produced a high number of addictions to prescribed medications. Many medications on the market today produce similar effects to illegal drugs. Once the prescription runs out, patients are left struggling with an addiction, and Charlie’s Place is here to offer the support and treatment needed for recovery.

Heroin & Other Substances

In 2016, heroin became the primary substance used by patients seen at Charlie’s Place. The epidemic is nationwide. Many patients started on prescription drugs, and when the prescription ran out, turned to heroin. Charlie’s Place understands how to rehabilitate from this addiction, and many other substances such as crack/cocaine and methamphetamine using medical care, counseling, and education.

Our Services


Designed to safely eliminate the body of chemical dependency. This program is medically supervised, giving patients the comfort of a skilled team to guide them to a substance free body.


Cenikor’s Adult Short-Term Residential (STR) programs provide non-emergency care and treatment for people with substance use and related behavioral health disorders. Beginning with a thorough assessment, our evidence-based treatment is comprehensive and individualized.

Outpatient SERVICES

Patients have the opportunity to attend evening groups twice weekly focused on gaining knowledge and insight into the disease of addiction, and the recovery process.

Recovery Support

Provides graduates with long-term accountability, advocacy, and encouragement.

sober living

Cenikor Foundation’s Sober Living program provides a safe, supportive environment for those in recovery who are ready to reintegrate into their respective communities. We offer a men’s Sober Living environment, providing an intermediate phase between the controlled environment of treatment and the challenges of the real world. Sober Living provides those in recovery with essential support, structure, resources and security to take their first steps toward independence. In our Sober Living facilities, we provide stable living environments with freedom to grow in your recovery, as long as our clients fulfill the requirements of 30 days’ sobriety, completion or participation in outpatient treatment, attendance of local support groups; while maintaining steady employment. We offer the support and guidance for our clients to maintain long-term recovery and develop the personal skills that help them be responsible, employable citizens free from substance abuse.

Cenikor Corpus Christi
5501 IH 37 (@ McBride Lane)
Corpus Christi, TX 78408

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