About Us - How Can the Continuum of Care Help You?


e are committed to helping people with substance use disorders and behavioral healthContinuumofCare
issues through a full continuum of care. Offering a variety of programs including Prevention, Short-Term Inpatient, Long-Term Inpatient, Outpatient Detox (also known as Ambulatory Detox), Inpatient Detox, Adult Outpatient, Adolescent Inpatient, Adolescent Outpatient and Sober Living Programs with services throughout Texas and Louisiana.

We do not offer only one option on the path to sobriety. Clients have the opportunity to join our programs and flow through the continuum of care along their path to recovery. Some clients will be best suited for our long-term programs and can reclaim their lives and their sobriety in the structured residential community. Some clients need the work-life balance provided by our outpatient facilities where convenient care can be added to your daily life without disruption. Some clients start out in our detox programs and transition to short-term care or to outpatient care depending on their needs. We are dedicated to finding the right level of care for our individual clients path to sobriety.

Our focus is to provide high-quality, affordable services to the clients and the communities we proudly serve.

Cenikor is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, proudly serving over 1,000 clients per week to achieve better health and better lives.






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