2017 Annual Report

This annual report celebrates fifty years of changing lives. Every day, men, women and adolescents realize that self-medicating with drugs or alcohol no longer works. Cenikor offers them a second chance.
In the last year, we helped 7,014 people realize better health and better lives! Our client numbers increased by 36 percent. Our services also increased – detox clients by 32 percent, adolescent and adult short-term care by 62 percent, adolescent and adult outpatient care by 42 percent. When three state-funded programs ceased operation, Cenikor stepped in and added 150 beds to provide much-needed detox and short-term programs in Tyler, Austin and Houston.
These are numbers, but you’ll read in this annual report personal stories that make the numbers come alive. You’ll also read about our newest program that takes our outpatient services into independent school districts where it’s convenient to students and families.
We pride ourselves on a continuum of care that meets our clients where they are. Our diverse payment programs, from commercial insurance through state funding, create financial strength that allows us to serve the next client and the next one.

Learn more about Cenikor’s 50th year of serving, click the link: Cenikor’s 2017 Annual Report

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