Alvin: Rehab Program

For some, struggling with addiction can feel isolating. But once you decide to ask for help, you’ll never have to be alone again. At Cenikor, you’ll have a community of peers and trained professionals by your side every day to help you back to your best self. Our friend Alvin shares his story of how the family he’s building at Cenikor helps him recover and continue improving after the program. We hope it encourages you to take your first step in doing the same.

I thank Cenikor for helping me out because when you first arrive, it’s easy to feel like an outcast and like you’re all by yourself. But when you use the steps and the tools they give you, you can get the help you need. We are like a family. Everyone helps each other when we’re feeling down, sad, mad, happy, or when we have our emotions all over the place. We all have our bad days, but like a family, we learn from and help each other. In the classes, the staff teaches us to have one on one talks with them and the other people here.

I tell others, “If you can’t do the simple steps here, what makes you think you can do it outside?” It’s harder outside. There are more problems and temptations for drugs and alcohol. But here, you have a team of people who want to help you and other clients who encourage you to stay and get better. Even if you get mad and want to leave, they support you.

We have a great place here. We have somewhere to sleep, eat, and take warm showers. It’s way better than the streets, prison, or county jail.

We will finish this program, but there will always be temptations out in the real world. If you’re willing, take the steps and use them, because we tried our way and it didn’t work.

I also believe in having faith in a higher power. It helps a lot more knowing we don’t have to do it ourselves. I encourage everyone to get a sponsor and go to AA or NA meetings.

I thank Cenikor and the lord Jesus Christ for helping me a lot.



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