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Everyone’s experience with addiction is unique but they all follow a cycle of craving and withdrawal—leading to potentially life-threatening accidents. For John, it was a series of devastating events that brought him to ask for help. Through the support of his family and the help of our MAT program, John was able to turn his life around and rediscover his sense of purpose. We hope that John’s story gives you the courage to seek help if you’re struggling with addiction.

Hello, my name is John and to be honest with you, I shouldn’t even be writing this. But, through the grace of God, my family, and the MAT Program, here I am! I come from a big family which consists of my mother, three brothers, and one sister. Growing up, it was just my three brothers and me, but I was always different and the only one addicted to drugs and in and out of trouble. About a year ago, I had just gotten out of SAFP, and was sober, but not because I wanted to be. I was doing it to please the State of Texas so that didn’t last long. I ended up relapsing and soon spiraling out of control. I hit rock bottom quicker than I ever had. In a span of six months, I lost everything and even almost lost my life.

I overdosed on June 23rd, 2022, at a person’s house whom I just met. Thankfully, she was a nurse and knew what to do. She kicked down the door to her bathroom because she sensed something was wrong and immediately called 911. Paramedics arrived and administered three doses of Narcan, and transported me to the hospital. She got in contact with my family and let them know what had happened. I woke up three days later in ICU with all types of monitors, machines, wires, and tubes connected to me. My family was gathered around me, and that’s when I knew something serious had happened because they all live in different cities. Now they’re here, and they’re all crying. In my ten-plus years of active addiction, I had never overdosed, so this was a huge wake-up call for me but still wasn’t enough to make me want to stop.

A few weeks later, I was staying at my brother’s house for a few days when I was woken up by my sister-in-law and my youngest nephew. I had nodded out, hit my forehead on the corner of the sink, and was laid out on the bathroom floor. Seeing the looks of confusion, pain, and sadness coming from my nephew’s face was the last and final straw for me. I had had enough because now I was affecting my whole family and not just myself. I was scared, embarrassed, ashamed, and hopeless. That’s when I decided I needed to get help and quick!

A few days later, with the help of my brother, mother, and stepfather, I was taken to Cenikor in Deer Park, TX. That’s when my life changed for the better. I had been to many rehabs in the past, so I knew what needed to be done. But this was one of the best rehab facilities I have been to. Hands down! The staff throughout are very helpful, caring, and respectful, and really do care about your recovery.

While I was there, I was asked if I wanted to be enrolled in their MAT program. I thought to myself, why not? I’ve tried many other ways to stay clean and have failed, so why not give this a try? And that was honestly the best decision I have ever made! With the help of the MAT program, I’ve been able to obtain and hold a job and save money. I have built stronger and better relationships with my family. They’ve always been my support system and have been there, but it’s just really cool and feels good to be able to spend time with them and go to family events and be there not just physically but also mentally and emotionally, just like they always were for me. I know that my family is happy to finally see their loved one live a regular and normal life again, drug-free.

Another thing I would say plays a big part in this is being able to wake up every day and not have to worry about being dope sick or where you’re going to get your next fix. That alone was a huge relief, and a big amount of stress was lifted off my shoulders. No longer being a victim to the cravings and withdrawals is so awesome and rewarding. I’m healthy and feel normal again. I can travel and go places for days at a time without having to worry about getting dope sick or going through withdrawals.

I am able to walk around with a positive mindset, a clear head, and feeling good about myself. I no longer walk around ashamed or embarrassed. But none of this would have been possible without God, my family, and the MAT program. My life was saved. However, it all starts with you; you have to want it!

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