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Patti Lou Dawkins Donates $10,000 to Cenikor

AMARILLO, TX – September 29 – Patti Lou Dawkins, owner of Wolflin Mortgage Company and a proud supporter of Cenikor presented a donation in the amount of $10,000 to Cenikor on Tuesday, September 28th. Bill Bailey, CEO and President of Cenikor received the donation.

“We at Cenikor are thankful for the generous contribution from Ms. Dawkins,” said Bill Bailey. “This donation and the long-time support from Ms. Dawkins will help provide the necessary addiction treatment services that Cenikor has to offer to help the residents of Amarillo to overcome substance and alcohol addiction use.”

Patti Lou Dawkins’ interest in the plight of those with substance use disorders began in 1976 when she began serving on the Amarillo Hospital District Board of Managers. She saw that many psychiatric patients at Northwest Texas Hospital presented with a dual diagnosis of both mental illness and also alcohol and/or drug addiction. While it was possible to treat the mental illness, treatment could not be successful if the patient also had a substance use disorder. At the time, there were few solutions to address substance misuse. In 2016, Dawkins was asked to join the board of ARAD-Amarillo Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs, which she considered an ingenious concept.

Prior to Cenikor’s strategic partnership with ARAD in 2019, ARAD offered inpatient and outpatient services at its facility for two years, primarily to Amarillo’s shelter population. The facility has grown since then its services and population it serves. Due to the expansion of services, the facility has grown from serving 82 residents per year to serving 428 people last year. Cenikor in Amarillo offers programs that include detoxification, short-term residential, sober living, outpatient services, and recovery support treatment to all adult populations including our veterans at its facility. The facility also offers programs for the youth including outpatient services, and prevention services, a program that provides education for youth to enhance and improve their overall health and wellness through presentations and fun interactive activities and 2,474 people participated in the program last year.

“Ms. Dawkins and others are the reason we have added services and see our neighbors recover,” added Bill.

For more information about this news release, please contact Michael Jenkins, Legislative Affairs and Media Relations Manager, via email at media@cenikor.org. If you or someone you know is seeking treatment for substance use disorder, call Cenikor today at 1-888-236-4567.

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