Another Adolescent Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Texas Closes, Adding to Access Challenges

Houston, TX, February 28, 2024— In the wake of Phoenix House reluctantly discontinuing services at the end of last year, another adolescent, residential treatment center in Texas has sadly closed its doors, exacerbating challenges in accessing vital behavioral health services for teenagers in need. This closure further restricts the already limited availability of treatment beds, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive support for adolescents with substance use and mental health disorders.

The closure of yet another treatment center, Unlimited Visions Behavioral Health Institute, underscores the pressing need for accessible and reliable resources to support teenagers with substance use disorder. With the closure of facilities and the increasing demand for services, the landscape of adolescent treatment in Texas is becoming increasingly strained.

At the heart of this crisis lies the issue of inaccessible treatment, the state’s reimbursement rates are so low, that programs are closing across the state. This is exacerbated by Texas’s highest-in-the-nation uninsured rate, standing at approximately 18% in 2021, well above the national average of 8.6%. Texas refuses to increase reimbursement rates which are crucial in offsetting the cost of uninsured patients who cannot afford treatment.

“We recognize the urgency of the situation and the critical need for accessible, affordable treatment options for teenagers in Texas,” said Bill Bailey, President and CEO at Cenikor Foundation. “Now, more than ever, it’s essential that we come together as a community to ensure that adolescents have the support they need to live happy, healthy lives. We again ask the state to review their reimbursement rates so nonprofits relying on state funds can continue this vital work.”

Cenikor wants families to know that they are not alone. At this critical juncture, Cenikor Foundation reaffirms its commitment to filling the gap in care. Cenikor’s Odyssey House remains dedicated to providing essential treatment services to adolescents in need, regardless of their ability to pay. Odyssey House’s doors are open, and its team is ready to support individuals and families through their journey to recovery.

Cenikor Odyssey House invites individuals, families, and community partners to join hands in providing a lifeline for teenagers in crisis. Whether it is sharing that Odyssey House can accept additional teens or donating to fund an adolescent’s treatment journey, you can make a difference and ensure that every teenager has the opportunity to reclaim their health and their future.

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