Healing Hearts Brushes Away Addiction Stigma

The second annual Healing Hearts Art Exhibition is open to the public at the San Marcos Art Center gallery for the full month of February.

Cenikor Foundation, a non-profit recovery and treatment center, operates locally to provide resources for those battling various addictions and substance abuse. The organization’s community Awareness, Intervention and Mobilization team (Project AIM), looks forward to spreading awareness through the power of creativity and therapeutic nature of art, as a part of recovery from addiction and mental struggles.

“At the art show last year, it was heartwarming to see people connecting over these hard moments,” Peyton Siler, Project AIM program manager, said. “It felt very tangible. I think sometimes the conversations can be hard to have and so art is a very universal language and way to paint emotions. [The gallery] also provided that platform. Even if someone wasn’t able to get up and share their story, it was there.”

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man on beach enjoying freedom from substance abuse

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