Outpatient Services: Meeting Clients Where They Are

Consider these scenarios: A teen, home from 60 days of rehab, who worries relapse is imminent because life struggles are challenging her sobriety. Or imagine a man who knows he needs help, but cannot leave his job for a month or longer when his family depends on his income. Or a woman who is set to graduate from short-term treatment for substance abuse and is afraid to go home. She wonders how she will handle her old environment, and maintain her new sobriety.

All three need support. Keith Chapman, LCDC, a VA Client Liason for Cenikor with more than a decade of experience in recovery, says, “Outpatient is a great opportunity to catch issues we all may have before they get out of hand. Services are offered on a flexible schedule, designed to meet the demands of our busy work schedules, and can be participated in from the comfort of your own home.”

Cenikor’s adult and adolescent outpatient programs can be a great first step in seeking treatment. It can also be a great second step for people who complete long-term and short-term care and need a bridge to the sober community. It is also ideal for those who need clinical help but must remain close to home with their families, maintain jobs, and participate in day-to-day activities.

Outpatient is a great way to help ensure continued sobriety and get the support you need after completing an inpatient treatment program.” says Stacie Woodall, Sr. Director and Outpatient Programs Manager, “More importantly, it is a way to treat addiction before you need to go to an inpatient setting. This level of care makes it easy to continue with your outside life, work, family, and friends, without leaving home. “

Stacie is one of many licensed clinical professionals who believe in the outpatient paradigm. People learn daily life and independent living skills; drug education, counseling and relapse prevention; family in recovery; parent and guardian education; and biopsychosocial and educational assessments. Looking at family and social systems is essential to each teen’s success.

Cenikor’s evidence-based outpatient programs provide behavioral health and recovery services on an individual, group and family basis, including screening, assessment, early intervention, and recovery after-care. Adult services address chemical dependency, family in recovery, gender-specific issues, codependency, and some focus on pregnancy and post-partum intervention. Depending on the program, clients meet several times a week and receive both group and individual counseling.

Employers also value our outpatient program because we can help their employees successfully move through Employee Assistance Programs and provide care for early or manageable symptoms of substance abuse during active employment.

There are many obstacles to treatment in rural areas and small towns including availability, travel time to larger cities, expenses, and transportation, among others. Cenikor outpatient focuses on eliminating as many barriers to treatment as possible, offering outpatient care to remote and rural areas typically lacking treatment services.

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