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Getting back into the groove of life after rehab isn’t always as easy as it sounds. You’re going to have to conquer life on life’s terms, without drugs and alcohol.

That’s why each person leaving treatment is paired with a peer who has had success in recovery. Recovery support services, or RSS, are best described as a recovery coach. They walk beside you as you find your path, and can catch you if you wobble.

See how Eric used RSS to make his recovery journey a bit smoother, below!

My experience with Cenikor and my recovery support services (RSS) peer, Charyle, has been a great one! I walked in the doors of Cenikor and was able to go to short term back in May of ‘23.

Meeting Charyle was a life changer. She was there throughout my entire stay all the way to my relapse and active addiction. She stayed in contact with me regardless of if I was clean or not, and I highly appreciated the no judgment she brought. Especially because she was able to get me back into Cenikor in December of ‘23. She got me enrolled and everything. I was ashamed, to say the least, and she helped ease that feeling.

Upon my discharge from Cenikor , RSS was able to get me into a center. From making the calls, to physically bringing me there, and then later picking me up to bring me to the sober living I am currently at. She also keeps in contact with me on a daily basis, and when I needed food she took me to the food bank, as well as provided me with blankets and pillows.

I say all of that to say, that anytime I had a stressor, RSS definitely was able to help ease anything and helped make my recovery a lot smoother! As far as my experience goes she has to be the best RSS alive in my opinion.

So with that, thank you very much Charlye for being a huge positive impact on my recovery and I love you very much!

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